Here’s five of the 15 violations that are AUTO FAILURE.  Knowing them all will Help Keep you OFF THE RADAR.

Today carriers throughout Colorado and the United States are experiencing a huge problem.  Passing a New Entrant Safety Audit and getting shut down with a Federal Out-of-Service Order from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

What does this mean?  Well, new companies that are in start-up or older companies that just just got a USDOT number are required to go through a DOT Audit as part of the New Entrant Program.  This program was started with great intentions.  But like anything with the government things don’t always work out the way they were planned.

In 2010 the Feds made some changes to the New Entrant Program.  The plan was to make new companies be held responsible for there activities during start up.  Basically this new plan states, “You better do it right or else.”  The “Or Else” part should scare the heck out of you.  Because companies are getting shut down left and right for not complying with DOT Regulation.

In fact so many companies in Colorado are getting shut down that the Colorado State Patrol is contacting carriers in advance and warning them to get their Safety Management Systems up and running prior to the audit.  This is a desperate attempt to stop carriers from failing and then getting shut down.

How many carriers are failing?

When the changes started to the New Entrant Program back in 2010 it was estimated that 10%-15% would fail.  This estimate was not even close to reality.  Today, the State of Colorado is seeing a 68% Failure Rate.  I cannot quote what the numbers are for the other states.  But I do know they are seeing some similar results.

This is a Huge Problem!

Mal and I saw the writing on the wall and decided to leave the Colorado State Patrol and start a service in the Commercial Vehicle Industry.   Both Mal and I know exactly what it takes to stay off the DOT Radar.  I don’t mean sneak around the DOT Checkpoints or bend the rules to fit your needs.  No, you need to comply.  At least comply with the minimum standards.  Most carriers don’t even realize that there is a minimum standard.  Imagine having two DOT Subject Matter Experts that not only advise you but they completely manage your essential safety management systems. Talk about giving you an “Easy Button”.  Yes we do it all for you.  At last you don’t need to worry because we’ll take care of you that is of course if you retain our services.

Five of the Fifteen AUTO Failures for a New Entrant Safety Audit.

  1. Failing to implement an alcohol and controlled substances testing program (Applies to CDL Drivers)
  2. Failing to ensure your drivers have a valid drivers license or commercial drivers license with the proper class and endorsements.  (You must pull MVR’s)
  3. Failing keep Records of Duty Status or Time Cards.  (All drivers even local drivers need a form of hours of service.  These range from Log Book to Time Cards.  Tip – time cards must meet a specific requirement of they wont be accepted and then you’ll fail)
  4. Failing to fix vehicle’s or equipment with severe defects that are noted on driver vehicle inspection reports or other inspection reports. (These specific violations are listed in the Out-of-Service Criteria)
  5. Failing to Periodically Inspect your Commercial Vehicle Power Units and Trailers.  (Periodic Inspections must be conducted annually by a Qualified Inspector.  Not all mechanics are qualified.  There must be knowledge of the specific regulations)

There are 10 more things that can cause your company to AUTO-FAIL a New Entrant Safety Audit.  These would all fall within the Safety Management Systems (Administrative Procedures).  So if you have not built all the necessary files and systems I can pretty much guarantee you will fail the audit.

You Have Three Options:

Think of that old clock that’s ticking and wired to a huge stack of dynamite.  Is that your company with all the dynamite it stacked and the clock is ticking.  TIC TOC TIC TOC

Even if you have been through the Safety Audit you still need to be concerned about CSA Investigations.  Sometimes carrier’s have passed a New Entrant Safety Audit and they didn’t have anything.  They just lied to the auditor and he/she did not ask to see any of the records.  Well, you got lucky and it does happens.  Unfortunately, the clock is still ticking.  That auditor did you a severe injustice.  Why?  Because a CSA investigation is unforgiving.

So you really have only three options:

Option 1: Do Nothing – Carry on business as usual and open yourself to massive liability and federal enforcement.  (FYI Insurance carriers will not stand behind a client who is out of DOT compliance)

Option 2: Do it yourself.  If you know what must happen and what safety management systems you must build then build them.  Don’t wait and don’t procrastinate.

Option 3: Let us at The DOT Inspector LLC help you.  Our “Easy Button” is truly easy.  We will stop that ticking time bomb instantly.  No guessing what wire to cut, Blue or Red.  Because we know exactly what it takes to Keep you OFF THE RADAR.

The mission of The DOT Inspector is to provide essential DOT compliance services and training for any carrier through dedicated and responsive service that will improve your CSA Safety Scores and decrease the likelihood of federal or state audits and fines.

Ryan Byers – Lead Consultant
Servicing the Denver Metro and North Eastern Colorado Area
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