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 After 16 years in law enforcement and the last 12 as a Colorado State Patrol Trooper I decided there needed to be a change.  Since 2002 I’ve dedicated my life to becoming an expert with the DOT regulations.  It all started when I attended a criminal interdiction conference.  Right then I realized that this farm kid didn’t really know much about trucks.  I was the typical trooper, I did everything in my power to stay away from them because they were usually greasy and dirty.

This was a problem because I wanted to be a “Super Trooper” stopping trucks and finding those large loads of dope.  Trust me they are out there.  So in 2002, I became a Certified CVSA Level 1 Commercial Vehicle Inspector.  Or as many people from the trucking community (Truckers) would call me The DOT Inspector.

DOT Inspector

Becoming an inspector introduced me to an entirely different area of law enforcement.  I discovered that there was a huge need for safety inspections.  Now I know about 90% of truckers hate dealing with the DOT.  I understand that.  But here is the deal, these inspections are needed.  For example, several years ago I did a survey and contacted 18 trucks over a period of two days in a specific area in the Denver Colorado area. Over the two day period,  I focused on a specific type of company/commercial vehicle and did Level 1 inspections on all 18 vehicle combinations I stopped.  Every one of these trucks I contacted were placed Out-of-Service for multiple serious violations.

Two weeks later I returned to the same location for inspections.  I focused on the same vehicle types and guess what, I only placed one vehicle Out-of-Service.  That’s a huge improvement! My point here is, even though many dislike The DOT Inspectors they are very much needed.

Over the course of several years I pushed myself for excellence in the DOT Field. I was promoted to Technician in the Motor Carrier Safety Section (MCSAP) of the Colorado State Patrol.  During my time in Motor Carrier Safety I became a DOT Compliance Subject Matter Expert and a Federal Master Instructor Instructor for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  I’ve taught thousands of officers throughout the nation how to do commercial vehicle enforcement.

DOT InspectorAs a MCSAP Technician I had many duties.  Among these I conducted Federal Compliance Investigations and Audits.  If you have been though one of these you’ll understand what I’m talking about.  These audits/investigations can be painful and expensive. These fines start out at $2000 and climb rapidly from there.  It wasn’t anything to walk out of an audit and the company get 5000-10000 fine sometime much higher.

I soon realized there were two types of companies out there.  The first being, carriers that refused to comply because they hated the government and non-compliance was a form of protest. The second (The Majority) were carriers that wanted to comply with the regulations but simply couldn’t because they had absolutely no clue what was needed.  Taking both of there types of carriers and conducting an audit they were both treated the same by the state and federal government.  Since both are treated the same they both receive substantial fine for non-compliance.  The government has absolutely no way or recognizing the difference between the two.

So you tell me, Is this system broken?

Here is the thing, the majority of these companies just simply didn’t know the rules.  They wanted to comply but didn’t know how or what was required.  So the State Patrol started doing a lot of Carrier out-reach and training.  This is a good plan and I was completely on board.  I’ve hosted town hall meetings, gone in and conducted individual carrier and staff training, educational roadside enforcement, and spent countless hours on the phone answering questions to help business owners understand the DOT Rules.

As a state employee we were limited on the assistance we could offer.  We could tell you about the rules and what was required.  However, we could not recommend a third party source like a DOT Consultant such as “The DOT Inspector LLC”.  We recommended Colorado Motor Carriers Association (CMCA).  But honestly we were the ones answering CMCA’s questions, and they had a lot of questions.

While doing audits, I occasionally had a DOT Consultant come to represent a business.  I was always excited to meet a new consultant but often it lead to disappointment because they didn’t know the rules and usually got the company in more trouble for doing this wrong.  I wont name names but there are some really crappy DOT Consultants out there.  Some of there folks have no business representing anyone.

My partner and I sat down and decided to create “The DOT Inspector LLC”  The name of our company describes both of us and where we come from.  We both know these rules inside and out and backwards and forwards.  It has taken us both a long time to gain this knowledge.  We both have worked hard to learn all the rules.
After my 12 tears with the Colorado State Patrol I decided to move my services into the private sector.  Simply stated, there is a need for Good DOT Consultant Services.

We tried to fix it from the inside and COULDN’T! So now we are fixing it from the outside.

Even though the State Patrol offers training, They are still the enforcement agency and will fine you or even shut your company down for non-compliance.

We are Committed to Our Clients

It is our mission to provide our clients with essential D.O.T. compliance services and training of the highest quality and unequaled value. Through dedicated and responsive service we will improve our client’s CSA safety scores and decrease the likelihood of federal or state audits and fines. We are committed to maintaining excellence, respect and integrity in all aspects of our operations. In our partnerships with the commercial vehicle owners of Colorado we will assure that their privacy is held with the highest ethical standards.


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