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August 1, 2012

Dear potential client of Front Range Compliance,
I am providing a copy of my resume to your company to assist you in identifying my qualifications as a DOT Safety Consultant.  I am confident that my combined experiences, strengths and interests are an excellent match for the future of your company.  My nine-year track record in the Colorado Patrol, Motor Carrier Safety Section has broadened my experience and knowledge of the commercial vehicle industry. As an experienced Motor Carrier Safety Technician/Trooper III for the Colorado State Patrol Motor Carrier Safety Section (MCSAP), I have worked successfully in challenging environments and understand the strict requirements of commercial motor vehicle safety regulations and training.

In my role as the MCSAP Training Coordinator, I developed effective training programs for both the Colorado State Patrol and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  Additionally, I managed multiple initiatives to enforce safe work practices: Colorado Inspector Certification Program, State of Colorado Rule Making, Colorado Farmer and Rancher Inspection Program, Small Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program and DataQ’s requests for the State of Colorado.  As a result of my expertise in safety compliance, the Colorado State Patrol and the Federal Motor Safety Administration recognized me as a subject matter expert in Commercial Motor Vehicle Regulation and Operations.  In 2010, the FMCSA, National Training Center selected me to be a Master Instructor.  With this assignment I trained new instructors throughout the nation in commercial vehicle regulation, compliance, and operations.

My strong oral and written communication skills have contributed to the effective management of projects between the local law enforcement agencies, State Patrol, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  My experience with the commercial vehicle industry as well as the state and federal government has trained me to be thorough, analytical, and consistent in commercial vehicle transportation and regulation.  I believe my experiences and skills in safety compliance, training, and management will make excellent contributions to you and your business.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  I look forward to speaking with you further about my qualifications and what Front Range Compliance can do for your company.  If you have any questions, please contact me at or my Cellular (720) 951-1184.

Ryan Byers


Professional Highlights

  • Accumulated over 12 years of certifications in Commercial Vehicle Inspection Procedures such as Level I, Hazardous Material, Cargo Tanks, and Passenger Vehicles.
  • Conducted thousands of commercial vehicle and driver inspections and hundreds of carrier investigations, resulting in safer transportation spaces.
  • North American Standard (NAS) Lead Instructor for Level III driver inspection, Level I Vehicle Inspection, and Advanced Level I vehicle inspection.
  • NAS Master Instructor for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 2010.
  • Received Heat Hero Award for outstanding DUI interception and crash prevention.
  • Developed a method of teaching hours of service that was adopted and used nationally.



Work Experience
Self-Employed, Private Commercial Vehicle Safety Management Consultant    2012-Present

Currently I am working as a private DOT Safety Management Consultant in the North Eastern Colorado area.  I provide a variety of services to my clients.  Some of the top  services we provide range from CSA Compliance and Preparation, Safety Audit Preparation,  Hours of Service Auditing, Official DataQ’s Review and Challenges, Driver Qualification Preparation, and Periodic (Annual) Vehicle Inspections, MVR’s and CDLIS Reports.

Colorado State Patrol – Motor Carrier Safety Training Coordinator    2005-2012

Responsible for the State of Colorado, Colorado Rule Adoptions, Colorado Out-of-Service Book, DataQ’s, Skills Performance Evaluations (SPE’s), commercial vehicle training programs, officer maintenance of certifications, certification of new federal instructors, inspection safety programs, commercial inspections, compliance reviews, new entrant safety audits and post
accident inspections.

  • Trained all new troopers in Level III driver inspection.
  • Trained all new troopers in state Levels I and III commercial vehicle inspections classes.
  • Instructed carrier safety programs for safety directors and drivers.
  • Managed officer certifications and maintenance of certifications.
  • Developed and instructed mandatory annual inspector training.
  • Served as Team Leader in Colorado’s rule adoptions of 49 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations)
  • Wrote and printed the Colorado Out-of-Service Booklet annually to for all the DOT enforcements agencies in the State of Colorado
  • Developed user guides to assist carriers and owner operators for safety compliance in:
    • Small Truck Guide
    • Colorado Farmer and Rancher Guide
    • Colorado Chain Law Guide
    • Hours of Service Log Counting Flow Chart
    • CDL – Flow Chart
  • Managed complaints and DataQ’s of all Colorado Certified Inspectors
  • Trained new federal instructors and developed new training programs for the FMCSA.
    • Developed the Alaska Hour Of Service Course
    • Assisted in the development of the Hawaiian Hours of Service Course
    • Assisted in the development of the Advanced Level I Inspection Course
    • Assisted with the redevelopment of the NAS Level I, III and Hazardous Materials Inspection Courses.
  • Performed thousands of commercial vehicle inspections, including a variety of different types of vehicle combinations, cargo, and post-accident investigation.
  • Conducted CSA Federal Compliance Reviews and New Entrant Safety Audits to ensure carriers and owner operators were in compliance.
  • Performed SPE’s for drivers with physical amputations or disabilities in their hands, arms, legs or feet in order for them to obtain a Colorado Commercial Drivers License.

Colorado State Patrol – Motor Carrier Safety Investigator    2003-2005

Responsible for interdicting criminal activity and conducting commercial vehicle inspections, carrier investigations from complaints or high out-of-service rates, commercial vehicle post accident inspections, and safety programs for the industry.

Colorado State Patrol – Trooper in Delta, Colorado    2000-2003

Responsible for interdicting criminal activity and facilitating traffic stops, crash investigations, witness testimonies, and Level III Commercial Vehicle Inspection.  I provided individual training to local groups to assist in the reduction of crashes.  My efforts working with the commercial vehicle industry assisted my future promotion to  the MCSAP section.

Delta County Sheriff Office – Deputy Sheriff    1997-2000

Responsible for patrolling the Delta County area.  Intercepting/apprehension of criminal activity.  Investigating criminal actions against a person or property ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. Also responsible for any duty assigned by the sheriff of the county.

Professional Training Certifications

  • NAS Master Instructor (2010)
  • Cargo Tank Facility Review (2005)
  • NAS Level 1/Level III Lead Instructor (2005)
  • New Entrant Safety Audit (2004)
  • Hazardous Materials Inspection (2004)
  • Cargo Tank Inspection (2004)
  • Motor Coach/Passenger Carrying Vehicle Inspection (2004)
  • Carrier Compliance Review Investigations (2003)
  • Level I Commercial Vehicle Inspection Certification (2002)
  • Colorado State Patrol Academy (2000)
  • Level III Commercial Vehicle Inspector Certification (2000)
  • Colorado Post Law Enforcement Training Academy (1996)


  • Colorado Post Training – Colorado State Patrol  (60 Credit Hours)
    • Numerous certificates held and achieved throughout my career with the Colorado
      State Patrol.
  • Colorado Post Academy (Criminal Justice) – Delta/Montrose Vo-Tech (Graduated)
  • Fort Lewis College  1994-1995
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