Our Compliance Assessment is designed to assist you to identify any breach in your administrative DOT Compliance.


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The purpose of the CSA Assessment is review all your businesses mandatory Safety Management Systems required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  During this review we will identify any violating and help you troubleshoot the situation to protect your company from federal and state fines or shut downs.


After working with thousands of companies we have identified the areas where most companies struggle. 

What DOT Regulations are companies struggling with?

49 CFR Parts:

  1. 40 & 382 Drug and Alcohol testing for CDL Drivers
  2. 383 CDL Requirements Endorsements/Restrictions/CDL Exceptions
  3. 387 Interstate Insurance Requirements
  4. 390 General Regulations
    1. Accident Reporting Requirements
    2. MCS-150 Updates
    3. Identification of Commercial Vehicle
    4. DOT Marking Requirements
  5. 391 Driver Qualifications
    1. DOT Medical Cards
    2. Driver Qualifications
    3. Farmer Exceptions and Exemptions
    4. Skilled Performance Evaluations (SPE)
    5. Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) for drivers
    6. Driver Qualification Files
  6. 392 Driver Rules and Prohibited Practices
  7. 393 Equipment and Roadside Inspections
  8. 395 Hours of Service and Exceptions
  9. 396 Vehicle Maintenance
    1. Maintenance Plan
    2. Maintenance Logs
    3. Maintenance Files
    4. Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports
    5. Annual/Periodic Inspections

These requirements can be difficult for any company.  If a business owner or employees don’t know these rules, it is a road map to disaster.


Let us evaluate your compliance with the State and Federal DOT Laws.

Our FREE Compliance Assessment will allow you to see exactly what is needed to avoid any potential future issues with DOT Officials.


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