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There is one thing that is a given when it come to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  Nearly every company struggles with the DOT laws and regulations.  It’s a fact!

It could be a company that’s been around for 20 plus years or the owner operator who is just getting started.  It could even be that small landscaping business whose business is exploding but they neglect the DOT portion of the biz.  My point is, it’s not just you who may be running into problems.  It’s everyone.

When a lot of companies first discover they need to comply with DOT Laws it’s usually because they were stopped and inspected.  This is usually a pretty big wake up call for many company’s.  Because you probably had a truck/trailer and driver stuck somewhere far away and they’re telling you they were just placed out-of-service.  Are you the boss that cusses out your driver because he was given strict instructions to drive around the check points?

So what is your reaction going to be?

Are you going to be that business that says screw it I’m not going to do it!

Or are you the business that says “I need to figure this out and make  sure my business in operating in accordance with the laws and regulations.”

Both of these statements are simple to say, but the bottom line is you have a decision to make.  It takes commitment and dedication to your business if you want to be in compliance.  Right now at this point is when many learn just how complex the DOT Laws can be.  Many will decide to throw in the towel.  They don’t quit the business.  They just choose to operate illegally and eventually get shut down.


It doesn’t have to be as difficult as some tend to make it.

The first thing any company needs to do is look up the Federal Regulations.  Be careful buying copies of the regulations.  Owning a copy is a great thing for your business, but once that sales rep gets you on their list he’ll never stop bothering you.  They will call you every quarter and attempt to sell you a new copy.  it’s just not necessary.

Also as soon as you register for a USDOT number the sales calls are going to start coming in.  These callers are going to tell you that you are out of compliance and they are very convincing.  Some of them will try to convince you that they are the FMCSA and are auditing you.  I’ve seen these so called compliance people take a Non-CDL driver and make them start a Drug and Alcohol Program.  Come on, anyone who knows the rules especially 49 CFR Parts 40 and 382 knows this is a BIG No-No!

When seeking assistance with the DOT Laws be careful.  You can always use your state and federal office as a resource.  Heck, you could even call us and we’ll get you a safe resource in your area or we will be your safe reliable resource.  Our #1 goal is safety and compliance for our clients and the public.  So if that means giving you a little information we will..

If you are seeking assistance try to stay local.  Laws are different in every state.  I wouldn’t dare try to build a compliance package for a carrier on the east coast or Midwest states because it is just too difficult.  I know the federal regulations are the same everywhere but many local and state laws can change many things.  So staying local is important.

Also consider who your working with.  Ask to see a resume.  If they don’t have one, then they are not worth your time.  A consultant may need to represent you in court or for an audit/CSA investigation as an expert and a resume is necessary.  If all the representative can say is, “I been doing this for 30 years and I was a state trooper 40 years ago”.  Then this representative is probably not a good choice for your business.

For example, if someone asked me for a resume I would provide one.  It is so important.  We even have our resumes here on this site Take a look at this.  It is absolutely vital that you know our qualifications.


My best advise is hang in there and keep up the good fight and do what you can to comply.

If you would like to know what your standing with the DOT Laws then give us a call.  Our Compliance Assessment will allow you to see exactly what is needed to avoid future problems with the DOT Officials.


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