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DOT law user guides are an essential resource to help companies and enforcement officials understand curtain aspects of the law.  This guides are developed to help simplify the rules and aid in consistency.  During my years of teaching inspectors how to enforce the DOT laws.  There were times when I felt like beating my head against a wall.  Why?  Because these rules can be extremely overwhelming and sometimes pretty hard to understand.

For Example, CDL Law.  There are three classes of CDL’s Class A, Class B, and Class C.  These are all clearly defined in 49 CFR Part 383. 91 but as the inspectors were given examples they would give still the wrong answer.  Even when I was doing Compliance Investigations and Audits I saw carriers one after another using drivers with the wrong class of license and they received fines for their mistakes.

So how do we simplify these rules and gain consistency.  It’s simple, break them  down in a way that everyone can understand?  Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was on the same page.  Breaking the rules down and creating user guides is the hard part.


Our user guides are always being updated and improved.  As we develop new guides they will be added to our pages.  If you have any suggestions or want a guide designed for your specific needs contact Front Range Compliance – Ryan Byers at (720) 951-1184.

In the Regulatory Information and User Guides tab there is a drop down menu to our current guides.

User Guide Links:

  • CDL Flow Chart – This flow chart if followed correctly will tell you the proper class of CDL license for you or your drivers.
  • Who’s subject to USDOT Requirements Flow Chart – This Flow Chart will guide you in determining if the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Laws apply to you.



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