Fraudulent letters sent to carriers occurs daily.

DOT Fradulant Letter

Especially to new companies applying for a USDOT Number.

For those of you who have not had the privilege of seeing this, it is another scam letter circulating to trucking companies. This one wants your financial information and like all other scams, is using an official looking letter to get it.
This scam is not original and is garden variety by Cargo Con Artist standards. It does bring up some interesting points though. In the information age, your data is an open door for thieves to steal:

  • Your Reputation
  • Your Money (or Cargo)

Obviously, we know to look out for the confidence scams that have already occurred like the group that used a fake business front and official paperwork to steal tractor trailer loads of tomatoes. This heist would have seemed silly and impossible but somewhere along the line information changed hands that helped make it happen.

My point here is that we do not know what the next big heist attempt is going to be. What I do know is that information obtained by faulty letters, talk by disgruntled employees, social media sites, news sources,  and vendors are all a potential storehouses of things that could be used to perpetuate theft.

The letter is a warning that any company information that is in the public space, is fair game. The smarter criminals will most likely use these other sources to get information about your company.

The solution:

  • Be on guard for this.
  • Make it clear what can be posted on sites and what cannot.
  • Make sure you know that everyone you are dealing with is who they say they are and that they are legitimate.
  • Research vendors and industry partners all the time.
  • Question everything.
  • Don’t take every written document presented to you on faith.
  • Check and double check references, drivers, etc.
  • Do not release any information you do not have to
  • Check with Front Range Compliance Services to verify prior to submitting any information

Put simply, make it hard to be a victim.

Front Range Compliance Services LLC

Ryan Byers – President

(720) 951-1184